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Do you develop websites only using WordPress or can you develop using Squarespace, Wix etc?

We develop websites exclusively using WordPress. For e-commerce sites we use the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress. We don't develop websites using other systems such as Squarespace, Wix or Shopify for a number of reasons:

WordPress is well known and used by millions of people in every country. After all, it has been around the longest, first being released on 27 May 2003! This means there are instructional videos, online courses and many books on how to use WordPress. Not that you need that to maintain information within your site. We can show you how to do that in minutes!
It’s constantly being enhanced, with new updates coming out regularly
You are not locked into a proprietary solution
We provide specialist hosting for your WordPress website that makes your site FAST and SECURE
Developing using only one system makes us very proficient in WordPress. We are software developers so can get in under the hood so to speak and make it do amazing things

Bottom Line: We don’t lock you into a proprietary solution. WordPress is a free and open-source Content Management System. You are free to move your site elsewhere and get someone else to take over supporting and developing your site. We hope you don’t do that, but you can. We believe in freedom of choice.

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Updated on: 16/07/2021

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