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Have you developed any chatbots for restaurants or fast food/takeaway?

We have developed a Facebook Messenger chatbot called POS Chat for online ordering of takeaway for pickup or delivery that can either work from a Google Sheet of products or integrates directly with the SwiftPOS Point of Sale (POS) System. It is not restricted to fast food or takeaway but can sell any product as it can work standalone from products entered into a Google Sheet.

We'll have a Case Study on the chatbot up on the website soon but you can test it working live with one of our customers, the Gumeracha Hotel in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

Upon payment, it sends the order directly into their POS system. If the POS system is down, the order is sent via SMS as a failsafe.

When an order arrives, a short bell is sounded and a blue light flashes on a device to indicate an order has arrived. A reset button cancels the blue light. This device is handy to alert staff that an online order has arrived and to either check for it in the POS system or to enter it manually if not integrated with the POS System.

Point your camera at this QR Code for a live demo. Gubereats QR Code

Technical Notes

Our system directly integrates with a Google Sheet and does not use Botsheets thereby saving you a monthly fee for use of that ManyChat app. Botsheets is a very functional app for integrating Google Sheets and ManyChat, but as we are developers, we have chosen to integrate directly, reducing reliance on another app, making for a simpler and cheaper solution.

Updated on: 01/11/2021

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